Kamen Rider 4

Rocksteady as Kamen Rider 4

Rocksteady is the 5th Main Antagonist of Kamen Rider Nickelodeon:Future Trilogy. He was one of the foot clan's survived members with Rahzar founded him and joined the bugs-ultra army,he was given a new chance to become Kamen Rider 4,another Kamen Rider that holds another power same as Rahzar but different,he gets a chance to destroy the ninja turtles & the mighty mutanimals once & for all.

Name:Ivan Steranko (Former),Rocksteady (Current)

Age:45 (Former),Immortal (Current)

Species:Human (Former),Mutant Rhinoceros (Current)

Rider Type:Villain

Enemies:Lincoln Loud & Leni Loud

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