Lincoln Loud v2
The Man of Time

Lincoln as The Man of Time

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Lincoln as Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Kamen Rider Build

Lincoln as Kamen Rider Build

Kamen Rider Necrom

Lincoln as Kamen Rider Necrom

Kamen Rider Knuckle

Lincoln as Kamen Rider Knuckle

Kamen Rider Another Chronos

Lincoln as Kamen Rider Another Chronos

Kamen Rider True God

Lincoln as Kamen Rider True God

Kamen Rider Genesis

Lincoln as Kamen Rider Genesis

Lincoln Loud is the protagonist of the Kamen Rider Nickelodeon Future Trilogy. After he came back to earth to reunite with his sisters & friends again,before that he was ambushed by a Bugs-Ultra Virus,after defeating it,he must protect his love ones from the bugs-ultra and fight along side with his friends and sisters,and after Bobby died from one of the bugs-ultra,he decided fuse his Genesis Driver G's DNA & The Buggle Driver II's DNA with The Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat's DNA to create The Ultimate Driver & it becomes the God Driver & Lincoln becomes a powerful God-Like Being named "Kamen Rider True God",& he also uses the other drivers to becomes Kamen riders Necrom and knuckle,& his Bugster form is the boss of KRN 2:Genesis Infinity,Deusatan,but after Winning the war between Him and graphite to become the Powerful God of the Universe,Lincoln won & Becomes Sagittarius "The Man of Time" after he kissed Leni/Valeria The Woman of Beauty,The Man of Time's Wife,but after Another Monstrous Organisms called "Smash" Appeared,Lincoln Received the build driver & the full bottles,he becomes another rider called "Kamen Rider Build".

Name:Lincoln Loud/Sagittarius

Nickname:The Man of Time



Rider Type:Hero (as Ex-Aid,Build,Necrom,Knuckle,Genesis,& Another Chronos)/Anti-Hero (as True God & Deusatan)/Villain or Anti-Villain (When Controlled by The Hazard Trigger as Build)

Bugster Form:Deusatan

Relatives:Lori Loud,Leni Loud,Luna Loud,Luan Loud,Lynn Loud Jr. (Older Sisters),Lucy Loud,Lana Loud,Lola Loud,Lisa Loud,Lily Loud (Younger Sisters),Linus Loud (Twin Brother),Lynn Loud Sr. (Father),& Rita Loud (Mother)

Children:Lance Loud,Lucas Loud (Sons),Lara Loud,Lina Loud,Lena Loud,Lillian Loud,Lynette Loud,Lucia Loud,Lona Loud,Lora Loud,Lica Loud,& Lillie Loud (Daughters)

Friends:Clyde McBride,Rusty Spokes,Rocky Spokes,Chandler,Ronnie Anne Santiago,Liam,Zach,& Cristina

Enemies:Graphite Bugster,Night Rogue