Graphite Human

Graphite as a Human

Graphite Bugster
Dark Graphite Bugster

Graphite in his Dark Form

Guren Graphite Bugster

Graphite in his Guren Form (Level 99)

Kamen Rider False God

Graphite as Kamen Rider False God

Graphite is the main antagonist in Kamen rider Nickelodeon future trilogy. He was the Bugster virus who fought Lincoln in space,after he knew Lincoln was the final boss of Kamen rider Ginga 2:Genesis Infinity who held the powers of God, graphite decided to start a new Bugster army & betray Lincoln & the truce they had,he also plan to capture Leni since she was also part of KRG 2:Genesis Infinity as "The Woman of Beauty" & make her his bride,& nothing around can stop him.




Villain Type:Leader

Rider Type:Villain

Enemies:Lincoln Loud

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