Arthur Gaizen
Dr. Pac-Man

Arthur as Dr.Pac-Man

Dr.Arthur Peter Gaizen is the Revived Antagonist in KRN:FT. After his afterlife of his demise,his body was found by Rahzar and rocksteady,after Megahex completely fixed his body as a cyborg,Arthur Reborns & plans to kill Lincoln & Leni including Linus as Revenge for his Death,after he finds a way to revive the Two Powerful Bugsters,Gemdeus & Trinity,he has to become Dr.Pac-Man to do this again.

Name:Arthur Peter Gaizen


Species:Human (Former),Cyborg (Current)

Villain Type:Scientist & Leader

Bugster Form:Trinity

Enemies:Lincoln Loud,Leni Loud,& Linus Loud

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